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    Changes in the Branch in Poland

    We kindly inform all clients and partners that from 20-October-2015 the Branch of Intercapital Markets in Poland is represented by Ms. Katerina Dimitrova and is located at the following address: Al. Jerozolimskie 61, 00-697 Warsaw,

     Telephone:+48 22 218 00 00.




    Trade most available stock markets at
    0.16% commission.

    Become a client before 31.12.2015.

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We offer trully multy-currency accounts. Deposit in one currency, trade in another. Balance conversions some of the best terms.
We charge the same low commission for trades in stocks on most markets - Poland, Western Europe, US and Canada.
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We give our clients some of the best electronic trading tools. For local and international stocks you can use INFRONT, desktop, web and mobile.
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High-growth, higher risk portfolios designed for absolute return in the medium term
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Designed to produce maximum return by 2020, 2025 and 2030
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Trade local and international markets through one account and one trading platform.