Intercapital Markets AD is authorized and regulated by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission under License Number RG-03-0204/24.02.2006. This license gives us authorization to receive instructions and execute trades with all types of financial instruments and on all available stock exchanges, as well as execute trades on discretionary basis for clients under Asset Management Agreement.

Polish Branch

The Polish branch of Intercapital Markets AD also falls under Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission regulation and is as well being supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Protection of Client's funds

Intercapital Markets AD holds all clients assets in segregated accounts. The purpose of this policy, called Client Money Rules, is to protect ICM customers' money. It ensures a clear separation between money that belong to Intercapital Markets AD and money that belongs to our customers, which are protected from 3rd party claims towards ICM AD.

In addition, all clients funds are protected by the Bulgarian Investor Compensation Fund. The Fund provides compensation in case when an investment intermediary is not able to pay out its liabilities to its clients due to reasons directly related to its financial state. The Fund pays out compensation to every client of an investment intermediaries up to 90% of the amount of the receivable, but not more than 40 000 BGN (up to 20 460 EUR).