News and Events

  • Press release for the initial public offering of shares of Intercapital Property Development REIT. Please, get acquainted with the documents, located in the Footer extra menu IPO Intercapital Property Development.


  • Intercapital Markets informs its clients that it restores the present opening of trading accounts in the office of the Intermediary in strict compliance with all anti-epidemic measures of the Ministry of Health. We recommend you to continue to submit orders and open accounts remotely. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.


  • In regards to the Order No. RD-01-124/13.03.2020 of the Ministry of Health of Republic of Bulgaria for organizing enhanced anti-epidemic measures and introducing a remote form of work for employees, we inform you that considering from 16.03.2020 the office will work with clients only remotely until the state of emergency in the country has expired. The remote customer' service also applies to the Warsaw branch. Meetings with clients will only be held when absolutely necessary and after an agreed preliminary meeting on the Intercapital Markets landlines. We would like to assure you that all platforms, systems, procedures and operations are functioning normally and without interruption.


  • At the traditional awards of Bulgarian Stock Exchange for best participants in the capital market for 2019, Intercapital Markets received the second award for an investment broker that achieved the highest BSE turnover for in 2019.


  • Intercapital Markets AD would like to inform its clients that by decision of the Board of Directors of the intermediary from 17/05/2018, amendments to the General Terms and Conditions, applicable to the contracts for clients of Intercapital Markets were adopted, which entered into force on 17/06/2018. Terms and Conditions are published in the menu Documents.


  • Intercapital Markets AD would like to inform its clients that by decision of the Board of Directors of the intermediary from 19/07/2017 changes in the Tariff of Fees and Commissions of IP Intercapital Markets AD have been adopted, which shall enter into the force on 20/08/2017.