Data protection and privacy policy GDPR

The new regulations on protection of personal data, commonly known as GDPR, come into force on the 25th of May 2018. The main objective of GDPR is unification of the principles of processing of personal data in the entire European Union. Intercapital Markets АD processes your data, inter alia, in order to conclude agreements, keep brokerage accounts, perform securely your instructions as well as inform you about new products and services.

On this website you will learn:

  • what data and for what purpose we process

  • who monitors correct processing of data in the Broker

  • to what entities data may be made available

  • what your rights and the Broker duties are

  • how to easily manage your marketing consents

What categories of your personal data do we process?

  • Basic data, which we process, are personal, contact and identification data.

Where do we collect your personal data?
  • We receive the data directly from the Client

Who is controller of your data?

  • Within the services we offer, the controller of your data is Intercapital Markets AD, with registered office in Bulgaria, 6 Dobrudzha Street, 1000 Sofia, e-mail address:

  • The information we are entrusted is properly secured and used exclusively for appropriate purposes.

Access to your personal data – inside the Intercapital Markets organisational structure – will be available exclusively to employees authorised by the Broker and only to the extent necessary. In some situations your personal data may be disclosed by the Broker to recipients outside the Broker’s structure. In such situation the Broker always examines thoroughly the legal grounds for disclosure of personal data. Importantly, the recipient of the data in the understanding of the Regulation is both the entity which processes personal data on behalf of the Broker and the entity to which the data are made available for its own purposes (for instance, public administration authorities).

Duration of data processing:

  • Until the time of completion of agreement, and afterwards, in other lawful purposes related to the agreement, for instance, period of securing potential claims i.e. 10 years.

To whom your data may be disclosed?

  • Authorised employees of the Investment Broker

  • Public authorities and institutions authorised to demand such access

  • Entities that cooperate with the Broker, for instance, brokerage services intermediaries

What are your rights?
  • You have the right to access your personal data, edit then, limit the processing of your personal data and many more.

  • Remember that in some cases, when you’re entering an agreement some details may be required in order to sign it.

  • You can manage the use of your data in any Branch of the Broker