Target Income Portfolios

Dividend paying stocks or Government Bonds - both can interesting

Many Sources of Income

Our TARGET Income portfolios are also actively managed - trying to outperform the market in their respective segments. However, income generation and lower risk are the main focus here. We want these portfolios to be less volatile and we choose investments that are generating current income. This could be interest payments from Treasury or corporate bonds or dividends from mature companies with stable revenues. 

Our TARGET Income portfolios are more suitable for people with a shorter investment horizon or who are more risk averse (prefer not to take too much risk). We are currently offering two Income portfolios and we are looking to add more.  

  • Dividend Stocks - We think a diversified portfolios of the stocks of mature companies, with stable revenues and markets, that distribute a big part of their profits as dividends is a very good options for investors looking for income and safety at the same time.
  • Treasury Bonds - We have developed a good knowledge of Eastern European Treasury bond markets. We believe countries with stable fiscal situations like Bulgaria or that have solid economic growth like Poland represent an attractive opportunity for Treasury Bond investors.



Full list of Target Income Portfolios

Please see below the full list of the Target Income Portfolios we currently offer. Please read the Investment Policy Statements and other details about each Portfolio

  • European Dividend Stocks
  • Eastern Europe Treasury Bonds