Simplicity at its best

The same commission for most markets

For stock trades on the most actively used markets we charge the same commission. Depending on your activity with us, we apply the following tariffs:

  • BASIC – 0.20% .
  • INFRONT – 0.15%
  • PRO – 0.10%

Stock markets at these rates are: Poland (Warsaw Stock Exchange), USA (NYSE, NASDAQ), Germany (Frankfurt Xetra), France (Euronext Paris), UK (London Stock Exchange including International Order Book), Italy (Borsa Italiana), Spain (Bolsa de Madrid), Portugal (Euronext Lisbon), Belgium (Euronext Brussels), The Netherlands (Euronext Amsterdam), Denmark (Copenhagen Stock Exchange), Finland (Helsinki Stock Exchange), Sweden (Stockholm Stock Exchange), Norway (Oslo Stock Exchange);

For some other markets like Turkey (Istanbul Stock Exchange), Bulgaria (Bulgarian Stock Exchange), Canada (Toronto Stock Exchange) we offer: 0.24%, 0.20% and 0.16% respectively.



Clear Rules

Which tariff will apply to you?

First of all, as a special promotion we now offer to all new clients to possibility to start trading at 0.15% (INFRONT Tariff), instead of the BASIC Tariff of 0.20%. The offer is valid for any client who opens a brokerage account with us before the end of the year 2015. For more details on current promotions, please see About Us > Promotions.

After the end of this promotional offer the standart rules for determining client tariffs will apply. These are:

  • BASIC – default tariff for new clients.
  • INFRONT – if you generate at least PLN 1,000 of commissions and fees per month.
  • PRO – For active clients who pay at least PLN 5,000 of commission per month.


STP ECN model

For FX on Leverage

We apply the same agency-only model for trading FX on margin (or CFDs on currency pairs). We send all client orders to a broker, who also applies a Strait-True-Processing (STP) model and send orders to the market. We show exactly the same quotes that we see from the market and apply a commission of 0,3 pips.

For further details on commissions, minimum fees and other instruments, please see our indicative tariff here   .