Services to Individuals


All accounts are multi-currency and multi-country

Types of Accounts

Based on the types of financial instruments you intend to trade, we offer three main brokerage account types:

  • ICM 1 – this is One brokerage account for cash instruments on all markets – these are usually stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds or other financial instruments for which the value is paid in full (as opposed to Derivatives for example, where clients pay only part of the notional value).
  • ICM FX – this account is suitable for clients trading FX on leverage
  • ICM Derivatives – this is the account for trading and holding Futures, Options and CFDs on stocks and other derivative contracts.

All these account types have our multi-currency feature, meaning you can fund your account in one currency (for example deposit PLN) and then trade in instruments or withdraw funds in another currency.