Our core strength is stock markets...

Electronic trading of the underlying stocks

Many individual clients associate electronic trading on international markets with brokers who trade only CFD's (Contracts For Difference). With CFD's clients do not own the underlying stock. They enter into an agreement with the broker to pay each other the difference in the price of the stock; which means clients are also bearing the credit risk of the broker, which can be high or low.

With Intercapital Markets you trade in the underlying stocks on many markets around the world. You can place orders with us on the phone or using any version of our INFRONT trading platform (desktop, web or mobile). You own the underlying stock and you can transfer it to your account with another broker at any moment if you wish. You can also participate at shareholders' meetings and exercise your voting rights. And this is the case not only for our Home markets in Poland and Bulgaria, but also on all stock markets we offer you access to.


... but in addition to stocks, we also offer trading in bonds and derivatives around the world


Bond markets are very different compared to stocks in that bonds are usually traded outside exchanges. Most often trades are negotiated directly between the brokers. We have traded more than USD 4 Billion worth of bonds in the last 3 years. We have an extensive and growing network of counterparties, which allows us to give you better execution. Bonds, especially Treasuries, are the only instruments where we may act as counterparty to your orders, not only as agents. Clients place orders for bonds with us on the phone, but we also provide a lot of information on Bonds in our INFRONT trading platform.


We will be happy to help you design and implement a hedging or investment strategy


We also offer efficient order execution for exchange traded Futures and Options. Whether you want to hedge an underlying exposure to currency risk, interest rates or fluctuations in commodity prices, or you have a strategy to invest in stocks and indices using futures and options - we can help you achieve your goals. Like for bonds - orders are given to us on the phone for now, although we are working hard to include derivatives trading in our INFRONT electronic system, which already has a lot of market data for derivatives.


Margin FX using CFDs


Separately from our stocks, bonds and derivatives trading, we also offer trading in CFDs on currencies, indices, gold, silver, crude oil and some soft commodities. We use a trusted partner - an FCA regulated broker in London, from whom we have Meta Trader 4 as a white label. They also apply the same agency-only order execution model that we have ourselves for stocks and derivatives.