Local and International Market Access

Access to more markets, including your local one, from the same trading platform and with the same broker brings more opportunities. Seamlessly moving investments across various markets and currencies allows traders and investors to benefit easily from these opportunities

Intercapital Markets is a local broker for the Polish and Bulgarian stock exchanges. We offer full-service brokerage for these markets, including research, market insight and opinion on various stocks. We also have Direct Market Access to the main markets in Europe and the US as well as to smaller, but very dynamic markets like Turkey and Romania. You can fund your account with us in multiple currencies and convert them at market rates. You could trade stocks and other financial instruments like futures, options, bonds, FX CFDs. What's more, clients can trade all markets, including local ones like Warsaw and Sofia, from the same trading screen and the same account. This allows you to benefit from a wider range of opportunities beyond your local market very easily without any hassle.

We offer access to stocks markets in Poland, as well as regional European markets like Romania and Turkay and developed markets in Europe and North America.
We offer trully multy-currency accounts. Deposit in one currency, trade in another. Balance conversions some of the best terms.
We offer trading in stocks, bonds, futures, options, FX for a lot of markets around the world.