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Important Notifications

  • Notice of permanent closing of our Branch in Poland

We would like to inform you that as of 31-July-2023 the Branch in Poland of Intercapital Markets will discontinue its operations with clients – will not be entering into contracts with clients and will not participate in the servicing of clients with existing contracts. A short time after that the Branch will be closed permanently. The expected date of that permanent closing is 14-August-2023, but it may change as it depends on various procedures.

What does this mean for you?

After the closing of our Branch in Poland we will be servicing you entirely and only from our central office in Sofia, Bulgaria.  The servicing consists mainly in us giving you information, receiving your orders and concluding transactions in financial instruments for your account. Even up to now, a big part of these activities was conducted by our staff in the head office in Sofia. We do realise that the existence of a Branch and staff in Poland may have influenced your decision to enter into a contract with us and to maintain accounts for financial instruments with us.

Read more here: https://intercapitalmarkets.com/en/content/news


  • New Tariff for Brokerage Services as of 16-July-2023

We would like to inform you that starting from 16.07.2023 a new General Tariff will be applicable to the brokerage services agreements of Intercapital Markets. The changes are mainly as follows:

- For stock trades in the US and Canada we introduce two levels of commissions depending on the price of the shares traded (up to 1 dollar and above 1 dollar); we also changed the balance between the commission for Intercapital Markets and the external costs, without changing the total costs for the client;

- There are changes in the commissions for trades for stock trades in Greece and Austria; Changes in the costs for using certain versions of the electronic trading system Infront; although the use of Infront Web and Infront Mobile remains free of charge;

- The costs for safekeeping of financial instruments remain unchanged. The fees for the Bulgarian Investor Compensation Fund have been updated. Both items are now listed more clearly in the tariff.

To read more: https://intercapitalmarkets.com/en/content/news

We charge the same low commission for trades in stocks on most markets - Poland, Western Europe, US and Canada.
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Designed to produce maximum return by 2020, 2025 and 2030
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We give our clients some of the best electronic trading tools. For local and international stocks you can use INFRONT, desktop, web and mobile.
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Trade local and international markets through one account and one trading platform.
We offer trully multy-currency accounts. Deposit in one currency, trade in another. Balance conversions some of the best terms.