Our clients trade in the underlying financial instruments that we safekeep at depositories and prime custodians. European laws on Client-money rules and segregation of client assets apply to our activity.

We give access to both Polish and International stock markets from the same account and using the same trading platform. Whether you are an individual long-term investor, an active trader, a company or a mutual fund we offer high-quality brokerage services at very competitive prices.

We have designed several types of Brokerage accounts for individual and corporate clients, depending on the instruments you want to trade. Depending on your level of activity and your investment style we offer attractive commission packages.

We offer prime brokerage services to institutional clients. We act as agents only when executing client orders in stocks, futures, options, ETFs. We may act as principle or riskless principle when dealing in Treasury bonds and other fixed-income instruments.

Thanks to established partnerships we can offer efficient access to equities, fixed-income and derivatives markets around the world to all our clients. We also pay particular attention to delivering best execution on all markets we trade. We use executing partners who act on an agency basis only and whose target is to deliver best execution for us and our clients.

Solutions for hedging, cash management and corporate finance for small and large corporations
Trade execution services for active day-traders and passive long term investors
Prime brokerage services for institutions based in Bulgaria, Poland,. UK and others