Trading Technology

Trading technology has to be advanced, sophisticated yet easy to use, it has to evolve to adapt to clients' needs... but above all it has to work, every trading day, all year round.

We offer relaible and inuitive trading and market data tools. We have solutions for both active and profesional traders as well as passive, long-term investors. In addition to the so called Front-end applications that clients use, our entire infrastructure that comes behind is reliable, secure and with a lot of redudencies. And we combine all that with our agency-only order execution model that gives you superior trading results.

Our trading infrastructue is hosted on servers we rent from specialised data companies that ensure maximum up-time and minimum interuptions. In addition, we use best-in-class specialists to ensure connections between us and the markets and partner-brokers are securely running all the time during market trading hours.
Trading Platforms
We give our clients some of the best electronic trading tools. For local and international stocks you can use INFRONT, desktop, web and mobile.
Best Execution
Executing your orders at the best possible terms for you, this is what we strive to achieve.