Target Date Portfolios

Plan easily for the important events in your life

Many important events in live

In our lives there are many important events and we all make some sort of plans for them. With ICM TARGET Date portfolios it is even easier for our clients to obtain the peace of mind, knowing they have taken care of future events like:

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  • Retirement - it is always good to have some money on the side for when you stop working so you can maintain your standard of leaving and maybe continue helping your children or grand-children. You probably already have other ways to store and increase your wealth like investments in properties, or in your own business, or contributions to retirement funds. However, it is always good to include an additional savings tool, that is not correlated or dependent on the others. Our long-term Target 2035 Portfolio is ideal for that
  • Education of your children - the most valuable asset you can give your children is education (or the ability to deal with life by themselves). Tuition fees for good universities and even secondary and primary schools can be big. Thus depending on how old your children are you may start putting money on the side using our Target 2025 or Target 2030 Portfolios
  • Start your own business - even the greatest business ideas are better started and developed if you have some initial capital yourself. Start saving from now using for example our Target 2020 Portfolio so that within several years you have accumulated enough to take the big dive and leave your salary job for the much more challenging and rewarding life of an entrepreneur


We change the asset allocation of the portfolio throughout its life to provide optimal return at a certain date

How it works

Financial markets can be volatile and different asset classes have different volatility. In the long-term, stocks often provide the best returns. However, it is quite risky to be fully invested in stocks exactly at the time when you need the cash. It could happen that stock prices decline a lot precisely in that period. The Target-Date concept is very popular in the US, where Target Date Funds are the default retirement savings instrument. The idea is that the asset manager changes the allocation of the portfolio between stocks, bonds and cash depending on the time remaining to a specified date. If the term is long enough, we would invest most of the portfolio assets in high-growth/higher-risk stocks. With time, will switch to safer stocks (for example mature, dividend paying companies). As the term of the portfolio approaches, we will invest most of the assets in liquid bonds and cash. Clients could always do that by themselves, for example by switching from some of our Target Growth onto our Target Income Portfolios. But as with everything else specialization is important. The decision as to when exactly to do that transition could lead to important differences in the overall return of your investments. If you are not confident you could take such a decision yourself, or you just prefer to concentrate on your own job and leave the investment management to professionals - then our Target Date Portfolios are worth considering.


A wide variety of terms from 5 to 20 years

Full list of Target Date Portfolios

Please see below the full list of the Target Date Portfolios we currently offer. Please read the Investment Policy Statements and other details about each Portfolio

  • Target Date 2020
  • Target Date 2025
  • Target Date 2030
  • Target Date 2035